Italian in 30 days:

Great tool to improve your Italian with a mother tongue teacher.

Over 50 exercises with answers
124 pages of practice
What is inside?
30 lessons (1 for every video on Youtube)
You will find a list of vocabulary for every lesson of the course Italian in 30 days on Youtube.
Easy to learn and very well-structured!
We created special tasks to help you learn more expressions, improve grammar and feel the language better.
You will find answers to every task and will be able to check yourself.
You will understand the basic grammar for sure!
We gathered all the rules from the lessons so it will be easy for you to revise everything, plus the farther you go the more extra rules & exceptions you'll learn.
We are Luca and Marina
We are the authors of one of the most viewed YouTube language courses: Italian in 30 days
✔ We live in Rome
✔ Luca is a native speaker
✔ Marina is a professional teacher (English teacher)
✔ Our Youtube course has thousands of view per day and it is helping a lot of people all over the world
✔ We are travelers and languages lovers, we have dedicated lots of time and energy to teaching in the fastest, simplest and most pleasant way
✔ We held workshops in Rome, Milan, Moscow
✔ We experienced first hand what the most common difficulties are when learning a new language.
This workbook is to be used with the videos on YouTube
30 lessons + 30 chapters in the workbook (with answers)

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124 pages of exercises, vocabulary, tables, rules in one book!

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